Corporate Programs

Innovation, motivation and well being


Fabs spent 15 years working in, and with, large global companies all over the world. The experiece he has amassed has allowed him to create a program that impacts organizations by providing results in key areas of performance such as:

  • creativity 
  • stress management
  • improved relationships with collaborators and clients
  • insight generation
  • conflict management
  • focus and clarity 
  • and more!

A few year ago Fabs was involved in the implementation of this type of work with Nestlé in Brazil and you can see the results below. Over 400 Nestlé employees in São Paulo recieved 1  hour sessions once per week. These trainings aim at enhancing the quality of life of the executives and their teams as well as helping them to be more efficient.

What did they say?

Practicing DeRose Method is one of my favorite moments of the week. It is when I get to feel fine and relaxed, and enjoy techniques that provide me with the energy to work and do all my activities.


 Business Analyst

I have more energy. Those days when when I used to feel sleepy after lunch is over! I feel an improvement in my memory and my flexibility. And the list of positive results is only going to increase!


Financial analyst

I really enjoy practicing and I can feel I am getting stronger. I love practicing DeRose Method, I never thought I would enjoy it so much. This training has become essential to my day to day life.


Marketing Analysit

Once I started practicing DeRose my feeling is that I’ll most likely never stop. The practice acts on the physical body and balances my emotions and opens my mind.Better emotional control resulted in better relationships with my Nestlé colleagues.

The techniques I learnt practicing DeRose have opened my mind in several ways. Engineers use the left part of the brain, but now, I am also activating the right part responsible for creativity and intuition.

I am happy of having this great opportunity and, from my perspective, practicing DeROSE Method brought several elements of improvements to my professional life.


Integration manager