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Scheduled daily activities. Join as many as you can.


Meditation Training

All members start here. Meditation Training teaches the basics and trains the foundation to successful meditation. 

25 Minute activity


Meditation & Body I

It is now time to work your body.  We take the student's experience to the next level, improving the mind and body together.

55 minute activity


Meditation & Body II

Once all foundations are complete we can add more finesse and subtlety to the class, taking the entire experience to new heights.

55 minute activity

Everyone starts at Level 1.

You can stay at this level doing classes 7 days per week 
or you can graduate to the next levels.

Always at your own pace. 

For now, all our classes are online.

Your membership also includes:

  1. 1

    These last between 30 to 45 minutes and take place once every two weeks. These are overviews of varied topics. You are welcome to ask for topics you wish to learn more about!
  2. 2
    Theory Course

    These are weekly, hour long, activities that provide a  deep dive into the background, theory, archeology, behaviors and more.
  1. 3

    Once a month, 2 hour workshop that goes into much more depth on the most important topics relating to Meditation, Mindfulness, Movement, Creativity and Optimal Performance.
  2. 4
    Other activities

    Our school offers many activities, such as one on one consulting, "Anything Goes" classes, social activities, Gourmets, book clubs and much more!