How do we work?

We are a membership meditation school

At the moment we are operating exclusively online

As a member of our school you will have access to lots of different activities. We have activities for you every day. These range from technical to theory classes, to webinars and workshops, from one on one consulting to social activities

As members of the DeRose De Pijp, you are also a member of the Global DeRose Network. This means that you can access exclusive online content, visit other schools around the world and partake in their activities too!

We are opening in De Pijp Amsterdam soon!

We are starting online. Our plan is still to have a physical location at De Pijp, but in the meantime we are working hard to get everything in place to setup our physical school in the near future.

In the meantime, please hear what one of our students had to say!

Do you want to learn more?

Member's Development Path

When you first become a member you will have unlimited access to our Meditation Training classes. At this level you will train the foundation to successful meditation.  These classes give you knowledge about meditation and most importantly, train your execution of this technique so you can enjoy its rewards quickly and effectively. They last 25 minutes and you can join them every day!

Some student chose to stay at this level indefinitely.

However, those who wish you take their game into a higher level graduate to the Meditation & Body I classes. Building on the foundation, it is now time to add movement. In these classes we introduce you to more techniques that will upgrade their meditation experience as well as give your body greater strength and more flexibility. 

The final level open to students is Meditation & Body II. Once all foundations are complete we can add more finesse and subtlety to the class, taking the entire experience to new heights. This level has more techniques and provides the ultimate experience for your mind and body giving you the ideal conditions to succeed in meditating!

1 Meditation Training

Meditation & Body I

Meditation & Body II