Elevate Your Mindfulness with the DeRose Method

Learn How To Experience Being Present In The Present

Why Mindfulness is
Unique with the DeRose Method

Deepened Awareness

Our method teaches you to cultivate a profound level of awareness, not only of your surroundings but also of your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, enabling a richer experience of the present.

Enhanced Concentration

Learn techniques that significantly improve your concentration, allowing you to focus more effectively and reduce distractions in every aspect of your life.

Integration of Ancient and Modern 

The DeRose Method blends ancient wisdom with contemporary science to offer a holistic approach to mindfulness, ensuring that practices are both timeless and relevant.

Practical, Everyday Application

We emphasize the application of mindfulness in daily activities, transforming routine tasks into opportunities for presence and engagement.

Emotional and Mental Clarity

Through mindfulness, develop the clarity needed to navigate life's challenges with equanimity, reducing stress and enhancing decision-making.

Building Meaningful Connections

Mindfulness extends beyond the self, improving how we connect with others through empathy, listening, and communication, fostering deeper, more meaningful relationships.

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