Our School

Back in 2003!

Fabs was living in Brazil and he had set his sights in owning and running a DeRose school. Fabs quit his job and spent 3 months working at a school in São Paulo only to realize that the time was not right.

So he set off. In 2008 Fabs moved to London and helped to open the South Kensington school. But, it was not until 2013 that he co-founded the DeRose TriBeCa school, in New York City.

Fabs stayed in New York until the end of 2016 when, due to US Immigration policy it became clear to Fabs that he should return to Europe.

"Everything that is rushed would be done quicker, if you did it slowly."

Professor DeRose

"It is really hard to make things look easy."

Professor DeRose

Back in the EU

Fabs returned to London only to find Brexit... 

Upon his return Fabs was also involved in the setup of the DeRose Soho school in London. This rekindled Fabs' desire to start a new school. 

So at the end of 2019 Fabs laid out the plans to start a new school in Amsterdam and selected De Pijp as an ideal location. A target date of the first half of 2020 was also set.

That was when a global pandemic hit us....

We are open and working exclusively online

We are teaching!

We are working with our students to help them achieve their objectives, their dreams.  

We still plan on opening a physical school but for now we are operating online.