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Transform Your Mind, Body, & Emotions With DeROSE

The DeROSE Method is a complete method of physical, mental, and emotional development created by Professor DeRose in 1960.

The Method is based on ancient Hindu philosophy and it includes a series of techniques such as breathing techniques, concentration, focus, strength, flexibility and meditation. It also focuses on Concepts that look at how we understand the world and manage the relationships with ourselves and others.


Feel your best as you Improve Strength, Flexibility, and Vitality


Enhance Focus, Concentration, and Mental Clarity


Manage your Stress, avoid Burn Outs, own your Mental and Emotional Health

All our classes are in English. The pre-recorded classes will have Dutch subtitles and live classes are in English.

Unlock Your Potential with the DeROSE Online Platform

Our platform offers a unique and convenient way to learn the DeROSE Method. Our platform offers pre-recorded classes, live online classes, and class scheduling, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Our experienced instructors will guide students through the Techniques and Concepts of the Method, providing support and feedback along the way.

Our platform is different from others in that it offers a combination of pre-recorded and live online classes, allowing students to learn at their own pace and schedule.


What they say

Atze k.


"Working with Fabs has set the basic attitude for me to build my business. I use what I learned with him every day to maximize my success as a sportsman and businessman!”

Chante R.


"Fabs helped me through my transformation with his teachings and unequivocal motivation he has shown me the techniques to help me see that I can truly do anything! My future is abundant with opportunity, growth and to have my potential realized."


Live online & Recordings


Complete & flexible plan teaching Techniques and Concepts for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students

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