Do you find that yoga is:

too slow and too boring...

too spiritual...

too cliché!

But you want more energy, more focus, more wisdom?

We are way more than just yoga


Wisdom is to transform information into knowledge, to be used to use to improve your life. The basis of our work is to teach three philosophies that combine to upgrade your mind, emotions and body allowing you to become wiser. 

Strength and Flexibility

A powerful mind needs a powerful body. We teach an ancient type of Yôga unlike anything you have ever seen. Our techniques provide amazing strength and flexibility, allowing you to feel more energy to achieve all your objectives. 


Enhance your focus. Learn to manage your stress. Optimize how you handle uncertainty. We not only offer you the theory, but the training to actually be able to achieve these goals.

People just like you

Our teachers have incredible experience and have achieve so much in the fields of art and business, our students are intelligent, creative and successful. We are people just like you. 

What do our students say?

Supportive Mentor

I have been working with Fabs for some time now , not only do I have a great teacher that makes every class enjoyable, I have a great friend that pushes me on to achieve so much more than I thought was ever possible.

Alex S. // Entrepreneur

Knows me personally

Fabs helped me through my transformation with his teachings and unequivocal motivation he has shown me the techniques to help me see that I can truly do anything! My future is abundant with opportunity, growth and to have my potential realized. 

Chante R.  //  Photographer

No BS, just results

Working with Fabs has set the basic attitude for me to build my business. I use what I learned with him every day to maximize my success as a sportsman and businessman!

ATZE k.  //  Entrepreneur and Sportsman