Experience the DeROSE Method

Have you ever wondered why you never heard of the DeROSE Method? 

It is because we are committed to quality over quantity. Our focus is on cultivating deep connections with our students, crafting highly personalised programs that can genuinely transform lives. This approach does not translate well to mass communication and aggressive advertising tactics, but it's precisely what makes our Method so exceptional.

You are at the right place.

An Undiscovered Gem

Below are the top reasons that make the DeROSE Method truly extraordinary and why it's an opportunity you should not miss.

Discover how this hidden gem can reshape your path to personal growth and well-being.

Customised Training

Each student is an important individual for us and we create a unique programme to prioritise the students' objectives and development. 

Mind, Body and Emotions

True lasting success comes when you can manage and optimise your mind, your body and emotions -- all working together towards your goals. 

Applied Concepts

Offer you a new perspective on how you can manage your own-self, how you develop your mindset and how you can deliver more and consistently. 

You and those around you

Learn how you can manage your emotions and mindset and use your newfound stability to improve how you related to others, become a better leader and team member. 


Our students achieve lasting, positive change, leading to happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. They can better manage stress, improved relationships and achieve success.

Meditation specialists

Enhance your mental clarity, focus, and productivity. We teach our students how to meditate in practice which is crucial for the success of both working professionals and athletes.

Time tested

We have been operating since 1960 and from humble starts in Brazil we are now in over 12 countries wither 100 schools who teach more than 200,000 students. 


We have been teaching online since 2012, offering the best convenience and flexibility for our students. We are working on the plans to open our physical location at De Pijp in Amsterdam.

What do our students say?

We are open and working exclusively online for now.

We are teaching!

We are working with our students to help them achieve their objectives, their dreams.