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Training to Develop Confidence

Have you ever felt that you could accomplish anything, that no matter what happens on that meeting you are going to ace it, that nothing can knock you. That feeling of confidence is wonderful… but as good as this feeling can be, it is also fickle, settling in on its own accord and hardly there when you really need it….

Well, this may not that is not necessarily the case.

I would like you to take a moment and see if you can describe the feeling of confidence. It is hard no? So let me try to give you a framework for analyzing this feeling. How does your body feel? How are your levels of energy? How are the emotions? How are your thoughts?

Normally the answers that I get are something like: when I am feeling confident I feel strong, I feel that my muscles are responsive, I feel alert and full of energy, my emotions are at peace, I don’t feel stressed or worried or anxious and my mind is sharp, clear, it is as if I do not have any stray thoughts, like I have complete command of the issues.

Is it possible to train this state so that you can “switch it on” as you desire?

In my decade teaching the DeRose Method I have witnessed so many of my students doing just this and this is how we did it together. There are two parts to it and the first part is the responsibility of the student and the second was a specific training designed to increase awareness and focus on this aspect.

So let us get onto it, firstly the student needs to do their homework… if we are talking about a sportsperson, they need to do their physical conditioning and train their sport. If we are talking about business, then there is a need to know your subject, to read and to study, to have dedicated some time to it. Often times we feel lack of confidence because we did not have a chance to prepare properly… well, if this is the case there is not a lot of training that can help with this.

So how can the DeRose Method help out?

Well, to begin with the techniques of the DeRose Method are really powerful and effective to work on all the different elements of the framework used above: your body, your levels or energy, your emotions, your mental focus and clarity. As you train the techniques, the confidence becomes a natural consequence.

But that does not yet mean that you can “turn on” your self confidence at will… this “switch” is something that is developed as you practice our technique of meditation.

DISCLAIMER: I have seen many difference usages of the term meditation often times contradicting each other and more commonly misinforming to make a sale rather than teaching… So I use this term with great caution.

When you train meditation one of its objectives is to be able to create a stable condition for your body, your levels or energy, your emotions, your mental focus and clarity. Even if you are not totally aware of it, the technique itself is working biologically and you are earning this effect.