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The first DeRose Method school of the Netherlands

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We have been teaching online since 2012, offering the best convenience and flexibility for our students. 

Meditation Experts

Enhance your mental clarity, focus, and productivity. We teach our students how to meditate in practice which is crucial for success.

Mind, body & emotions

True lasting success comes when you can manage and optimise your mind, your body and emotions -- all working together towards your goals. 

Customised Training

Each student is an important individual for us and we create a unique programme to prioritise the students' objectives and development.

What do our students say?

Supportive Mentor

I have been working with Fabs for some time now , not only do I have a great teacher that makes every class enjoyable, I have a great friend that pushes me on to achieve so much more than I thought was ever possible.

Alex S. // Entrepreneur

Knows me personally

Fabs helped me through my transformation with his teachings and unequivocal motivation he has shown me the techniques to help me see that I can truly do anything! My future is abundant with opportunity, growth and to have my potential realized. 

Chante R.  //  Photographer

No BS, just results

Working with Fabs has set the basic attitude for me to build my business. I use what I learned with him every day to maximize my success as a sportsman and businessman!

ATZE k.  //  Entrepreneur and Sportsman

How does our school work?

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Ancient Philosophy for a Modern World

The DeRose Method is anchored in a trio of transformative philosophies. Our practical philosophy is experiential, learned through action and practice. The speculative philosophy offers a fresh perspective, simplifying your worldview and illuminating life's complexities. Lastly, our behavioral philosophy enhances self-management and enriches your interactions, fostering more fulfilling relationships and a productive lifestyle.

For people like you

Join a vibrant community where personal development, meditation, and growth converge. At DeRose Amsterdam, you will connect with fascinating individuals who share your aspirations and values. This is a place where every member contributes to a collective journey of self-improvement and enlightenment. In our community, you will find support, inspiration and motivation to achieve your development goals.

Learning and pushing

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and limitless potential at DeROSE Amsterdam. Our approach is centered on deepening your self-awareness, enabling you to continuously learn about yourself in profound ways. As you uncover new layers of your being, you will find the strength to push past previous boundaries. Our method is designed not just to meet but to expand your limits, guiding you towards realizing your fullest potential. Here, learning is an endless adventure, and every step forward is a leap towards your truest self.

Fits in your schedule

At DeRose Amsterdam, we understand the demands of your busy lifestyle. That is why we have designed a flexible and comprehensive schedule to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. With a variety of 30-minute and 1-hour lessons available throughout the day, you can easily find time to focus on your personal development and well-being. Whether it is a quick session to reset during a lunch break or an immersive hour to empower and energise you after work, our program is tailored to fit your schedule, ensuring that learning and self-improvement are always within reach.

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“Manage time to improve focus…”

“Manage emotions during stressful situations by breathing correctly…”

“Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity…”

“breathtakingly beautiful, the DeROSE Method helps to develop your performance"