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Authenticity in Practice

Our approach revives the ancient technique of dhyána, offering a meditation experience that transcends conventional methods. It’s not just relaxation; it's an expansion of consciousness.

Enhanced Intuition 

The DeRose Method cultivates 'linear intuition', transforming fleeting insights into a sustained stream of awareness. This unique form of meditation fosters profound personal and professional growth

Beyond Surface-Level

We delve deep, moving past the traditional concept of meditation as mere relaxation or thought cessation. Our method awakens a state of superconsciousness, bringing clarity and lucidity.

Global Legacy, Local Impact

Join a method embraced in over 12 countries, now uniquely tailored for Amsterdam. Benefit from an international perspective combined with local insights and community.

Personalized Experiences

Our meditation sessions are tailored to your individual journey. We understand that each person's path to awareness is unique, and our guidance reflects this diversity

A Community

Becoming part of DeRose Amsterdam connects you to a supportive community. Share experiences, learn from others, and grow in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

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April 18, 2024

As we have discussed in the Ultimate Guide to Mindfulness for Beginners, the very concept of mindfulness has become confused, strange and oftentimes contradictory. So it is important to have a clear definition and understanding of mindfulness so you can understand how using it in your daily life can create unimaginable results. In DeRose, mindfulness is

April 11, 2024

In the year 2000, I was dedicating myself wholeheartedly to my career. I had recently been assigned by a United States-based employer to assist in launching their operations in Brazil. My responsibilities included establishing teams, developing processes for fieldwork, data collection, analysis, reporting, and presentations. This role placed me under immense pressure. To manage this

March 24, 2024

Nederlands English The concept of mindfulness came to prominence in the West during the 2000s, since then it has become a fad and the more people that tried to jump on the bandwagon the more it morphed to become something completely different from its origins. Today people expect that mindfulness is a “cure all” solution

May 25, 2023

This past week I have been a bit sick and it reminded me of a section of a book from Professor DeRose I translated called I Remember. This inspired me to share with you the image of the book as well as the text itself. Please find the translation below: One day the old man

April 20, 2023

The use of an apology can prevent up to 90% of the conflicts with friends or strangers. It just may not work as well with relatives, but it will still attenuated strains significantly. An apology must not be used exclusively when you make a mistake, but rather when anyone makes a mistake.  If someone bumps

April 9, 2023

In the past few weeks I have been working with Professor DeRose on a book he is writing and editing about Epigenetics.  There have been a lot of different drafts and versions, but I wanted to share with you some of what has been produced. Some of it may have been changed, updated and even