Discover Meditation Redefined

Experience a Deeper State of Consciousness

Why Learn Meditation With Us?

Authenticity in Practice

Our approach revives the ancient technique of dhyána, offering a meditation experience that transcends conventional methods. It’s not just relaxation; it's an expansion of consciousness.

Enhanced Intuition 

The DeRose Method cultivates 'linear intuition', transforming fleeting insights into a sustained stream of awareness. This unique form of meditation fosters profound personal and professional growth

Beyond Surface-Level

We delve deep, moving past the traditional concept of meditation as mere relaxation or thought cessation. Our method awakens a state of superconsciousness, bringing clarity and lucidity.

Global Legacy, Local Impact

Join a method embraced in over 12 countries, now uniquely tailored for Amsterdam. Benefit from an international perspective combined with local insights and community.

Personalized Experiences

Our meditation sessions are tailored to your individual journey. We understand that each person's path to awareness is unique, and our guidance reflects this diversity

A Community

Becoming part of DeRose Amsterdam connects you to a supportive community. Share experiences, learn from others, and grow in an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

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