Master Emotional Intelligence with DeRose Method

Empower Your Emotional Intelligence and Your Mental Clarity

Why Emotional Intelligence is
 Unique with the DeRose Method

Integrated Development

Our curriculum nurtures growth across rational, emotional, and physical intelligences, offering a comprehensive and balanced approach to personal evolution.

Behavioral Techniques

Learn to apply behavioral concepts to everyday interactions, enhancing empathy, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

Emotional Management

Discover techniques to maintain mental clarity in emotionally charged situations, allowing for thoughtful responses rather than reactive ones.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

The DeRose Method's teachings are grounded in ancient philosophies, offering timeless insights into human emotions and relationships.

Practical Application

Our focus is on practical techniques that can be integrated into daily life, ensuring that students can apply what they learn in real-world scenarios.

Empathic, Caring Interactions

By developing a deep understanding of oneself and others, students foster more caring, humane, and empathic relationships.

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